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Nov 20th 2023, 2:23:12

Did someone on the site make the mobile frames funny or is it that I laid on my phone funny? The text looks 1/3 bigger but I can no longer close the ads without fully changing the zoom on my screen lol.


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Nov 20th 2023, 2:31:55

Ohhhhh. It's that they programmed a strip along the top that says Ads that covers the ability to close the ad. Lol. God bless these developments! Lol

At least mine are for sick ass minor league baseball team hats like the Beer City Bung Hammers and the Hickory fluffory Docks. If yall dripped as much as me you'd probably prefer the ads to this site lol.

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Nov 20th 2023, 3:02:19

Might be a you problem Dee lol
Mess with me you better kill me, or I'll just take your pride & joy and jack it up

S.F. Giants 2010, 2012, 2014 World Series Champions, fluff YEAH!



Nov 20th 2023, 4:50:06

i have the same issue on iphone. hard to close ads. makes walling really hard lol


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Nov 20th 2023, 4:59:23

Originally posted by Pang:

Being an Earth Empires Premium member will give all of your countries several bonuses. To start with, we’ll be launching with the following items:
- Ad-free game and forum experience
- Automatically receive 9 bonus points daily just for logging in (replaces daily voting bonuses AND 1 extra bonus point)
- Provides estimated chance for spyop success
- Daily bonus point reset time is 22 hours
- Change country names while in protection
- No more captchas
- Access to Alpha servers (test servers)

As discussed in the Credits section, the focus for the Premium benefits is to improve the quality of life of players without making it into a pay-to-win service. We’ll look to add some more things to this list as we think of them/find time to code them.

Earth Empires Premium is a subscription service done at the account level and applies to all your countries across all servers.


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Nov 20th 2023, 18:30:29

I definitely fell asleep on my phone and the zoom on a bunch of stuff is super wonky. I need to buy a new phone anyways. I broke a headphone plug off in my jack, and now my phone can't make sounds and honestly, still having an Android phone when I run my businesses off a MacBook Pro and can't even air drop myself stuff is a wild way to live. It's probably just time to buy an iPhone than figure out what I messed up.

That all said, Prime, I'm not paying for premium when I don't have any countries. Just be happy I still frequent the site considering I could be just another statistic of people who have left this game in the last few months. Im sure I'm generating a few cents in PPC affiliate marketing campaigns because my phone is messed up and i have to click the ads and hit back to close them. I'll play again if clanGDI gets fixed, but unfortunately I'm not investing in pang bux under the current mechanics. I'm sure you can understand why even if I played, I wouldn't pay for pang bux currently as a form of silent protest. And I say that as a person who has continuously been willing to donate to this game, as indicated by my Patron status. I'm currently not willing to donate to a game headed in a bad direction that's killing the community. I previously kept my premium up even if I wasn't playing. Currently tho, that ship has sailed and I'm disappointed the 2025 celebration will be boring and not worth playing.

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