Nov 25th 2021, 16:11:08

Few incidents unite Americans other than nation-wide victories or tragedies. The BLM terrorist attack on the Waukesha Christmas parade is a terrible reminder of media propoganda and race-baiting groups that have destroyed any progress or unity our country may have reached. The desperate and pathetic need for social credit or views and upvotes is destroying everything it pretends to care for and fight for.

This wasn't an "incident", "wrong turn", "fleeing", or "no motive at this time". A terror attack by a black supremacist targeting a Christmas parade in a majority white city. Twist some pretzels and burp some excuses, or just read his Facebook/Twitter posts.

God bless. Pray for the survivors and lost lives.
Enjoy every minute you have with family.


EE Patron

Nov 25th 2021, 21:19:55

Piece of fluff BLM
Mess with me you better kill me, or I'll just take your pride & joy and jack it up

S.F. Giants 2010, 2012, 2014 World Series Champions, fluff YEAH!



May 16th 2022, 19:42:08

Let's all take a moment and pray for the families who lost loved ones in the Buffalo incident. Targeting innocent people based on their political affiliations is not going to fix things. The dialogue must remain open. Please be careful out there. And fluff social media in all it's holes. What a cancer the internet has become.

p.s. If the fbeye was monitoring the stream why didn't they stop him? Or any of the viewers? Stop the hate. Love conquers all.



May 17th 2022, 0:24:39

18 and so full of hate, prayers to all affected