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Sep 11th 2023, 1:33:30

Originally posted by galleri:
Originally posted by martian:
it's called solver on excel
although these days kids use NUMPTYS on python.
Or may ChatGPT can run a better country?

Now I actually want to test AI to do it lol

There once was people working on AI to test the efficiency of various strats. The project, tho, was derailed by no one having a precise enough formula for PCI...particularly PCI growth.

The closest we've found is this:

pciA =(1+0.03*(1-Taxrate))*(1-0.5*PopGrowth/NEWPop)*CurrentPCI-CurrentPCI
pciB =(0.035+0.3*Taxrate)*CurrentPCI
pciC =CurrentPCI-MaxPCI

Something in PCI B is off tho maybe? Anyways, it's already off by the first hundred or so turns. I've tried messing with it and can't find the actual solution. It also lacks pangs signature trunc() rather than round() likely making it a mehul era formula.

I've asked multiple devs for it but no dice.

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