May 10th 2010, 20:35:42

i had more fun tracking you guys down and getting a confession than i ever expected to have at this game.
As i was Gsing NOW3P i realized that the game itself does not hold anywhere near as much interest as having tracked and exposed u guys

I wish the confession had specifically implicated NOW3P but it did not

Perhaps NOW3P is in that group of LaE who should have known about the cheating but for whatever reason did not know

Although we proved that LaE cheated here perhaps NOW3P was just a dupe who was too reckless with the truth

again thx for make the game entertaining
RESTRICT LaE to 80% of its cheat size



May 10th 2010, 20:42:40

Ford is not in the group that was named you idiot.



May 10th 2010, 20:59:16

Jag is only the fall guy. It was actually Now3p that orchestrated it all.



May 10th 2010, 21:06:06

Yup - I am the mastermind behind it all. I built that secret part of the LaE site, despite my utter lack of knowledge of programming and proxies, secretly ran the Juggs/DM/Llaar nicks for the last several years as a cover, and then brilliantly set them up to take the fall to take the heat for me so I could continue on cheating now without anyone thinking anything of it because they've now stepped out of their positions.

Of course, I only had time to do that after I covered up my killing of JFK, and after I coordinated the Roswell cover-up for the gov't....which were all, of course, after I helped the colonists form the Illuminati to overthrow the British government.

mrford was just my witless pawn, whom I used as a sex-store operator front to distract anyone who might come in asking any questions. You'd be amazed how quickly he can distract potential question askers with those womanly thighs.

What can I say, I'm just a busy guy....

Edited By: NOW3P on May 10th 2010, 21:11:45



May 10th 2010, 21:15:42

i had NOTHING to do with the deletions, i dont play express, and i have never cheated

i would kindly like for you to fluff OFF if you are going to spread fluff about me without any factual basis
Swagger of a Chupacabra

[21:37:01] <&KILLERfluffY> when I was doing FA stuff for sof the person who gave me the longest angry rant was Mr Ford